OAI is Hiring a Director in Washington, DC
We are seeking a seasoned and energetic professional with background/expertise in fundraising and development management to fill the Director position at OAI.

OAI helps our clients help others.

Embedded Fundraising Solutions
OAI serves as the supplemental development team for the Trust for the National Mall, providing leadership and frontline fundraising management to achieve their goals.

OAI embeds experienced fundraising professionals with nonprofits to provide leadership and frontline fundraising activities.

OAI Announcements and News
Hiring a new CDO can take four months or longer. When you don't have time to pick up the CDO responsibilities, who do you call?

OAI has been the onsite Interim CDO for three regions of the American Red Cross.

Strategic Planning
OAI excels at conducting in-depth audits and facilitating dynamic sessions that result in actionable and realistic plans.

Youth INC engaged OAI to collaborate
on their first strategic planning process.

The Team Approach
Our client teams consist of senior, mid-level and junior consultants, allowing us to distribute work based on experience, capacity and skill sets.

OAI helps our clients help others.

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OAI has a dedicated and passionate team of experienced professionals committed to helping our clients help others.

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Success Stories 

Helping our clients help others…

Through a partnership with OAI, our clients have enjoyed great success furthering their missions.

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OAI Events

Partnering with other Washington, DC and New York City business leaders, OAI holds several workshops and seminars throughout the year as a way to share our expertise, experience and best practices with clients and colleagues.

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