Services: Organizational and Operational Planning

Organizational and operational strategy ensures a nonprofit is operating effectively and efficiently in pursuit of its programmatic goals and objectives. OAI provides clients with a range of organizational and operational planning services with the ultimate goal of enabling organizations to achieve maximum impact on the beneficiaries they serve:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Alignment

The most successful nonprofits are those that are mission-focused and excel at a given set of priorities that are responsive to the external environment and their beneficiaries’ needs. OAI helps clients identify greatest opportunities and threats to their work and creates a high-level roadmap that outlines organizational priorities and resources needed to support them (leadership, systems, etc.). OAI also works with clients to align the board, management, and program staff around the organizational vision, mission, and core initiatives.

Best if you are:

  • Refreshing current or setting new strategic vision and direction for organization due to: 
    • Change in leadership.
    • Change in internal resources.
    • Change in external environment.
    • Change in service beneficiaries.
    • End of current strategic plan.

Services Include:

  • Assessing current state (internal and external):
    • Reviewing background materials.
    • Assessing program effectiveness.
    • Conducting landscape/competitor research.
    • Gathering input from internal and external stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys.
  • Leading facilitated discussions with board and staff to review assessment findings and identify future vision and direction.

Outcomes Include:

  • High-level roadmap that outlines organizational vision and priorities and identifies resources needed to support them.

Key Benefits:

  • Alignment of stakeholders (board, executive leaders, program staff, donors, etc.) around organizational direction and programmatic goals.
  • Deeper investment of stakeholders (board and donors) in the organization’s mission and success.
  • Identification of the leadership and funding resources needed for successful implementation.

Representative Strategic Planning and Organizational Alignment Clients:

Partnership Strategy

Nonprofit partnerships are becoming more prevalent and sought after by both funders and nonprofits. OAI works with clients to assess their organizational ability to partner, merge, or acquire a peer/competitor with similar mission, goals, and objectives; and develops the operational and logistical framework needed to pursue strategic partnership opportunities.
Best if you are:
  • Engaging in joint programming (formal or informal) with like-minded organizations in order to increase reach, deepen impact, pool resources, or alleviate budget constraints.
  • Merging with or acquiring another organization.
Services Include:
  • Identifying strategic needs and program areas that would benefit from collaboration.
  • Conducting environmental analysis to identify potential partners.
  • Conducting outreach to potential partners to gauge interest in partnering.
  • Facilitating conversations between organizations and potential partners to define common agenda, alignment of resources, mechanics of partnership, and outcomes of collaboration.
  • Reviewing background materials.
Outcomes Include:
  • High-level roadmap for collaboration with new partner(s) or merging with/acquiring another organization.
Key Benefits:
  • Strengthened ability to carry out your mission and provide a continuum of interventions to better meet beneficiaries’ needs.

Representative Partnership Strategy Clients:

  • Armed Forces Foundation

Crisis Response and Planning

Crises caused by external factors or internal problems happen. Their impact can create a ripple effect, touching everyone from staff to partners to beneficiaries and donors.  OAI can help clients assess the actual and potential impact of an internal or external crisis on fundraising capacity and develops a strategy and a plan to resolve leadership, operational, program, and/or fundraising challenges.
Best if you are:
  • Assessing impact of an internal or external crisis on fundraising capacity.

Services Include:

  • Assessing impact on internal state:
    • Reviewing background materials.
    • Analyzing fundraising practices, funding trends, and donor pipeline.
    • Gathering input from staff and board through interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys
  • Assessing impact on external stakeholders’ perception of the organization through interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys.
  • Conducting an environmental scan.

Outcomes Include:

  • Summary of the impact of crisis on fundraising and strategies for mitigating impact, including resources needed and timeline.

Key Benefits:

  • Independent assessment of impact of crisis on ability to generate revenue and actionable plan for how to mitigate impact.

Philanthropic Operations Assessment and Road Map

A philanthropy operations assessment allows us to evaluate your fundraising infrastructure including software tools, staffing and systems. Based on this assessment, we will prepare a practical philanthropy operations road map to help you raise funds faster, better and cheaper. The assessment will consider:

1. How best to leverage your existing databases, software tools, staffing and systems

2. Best practices in development technology specific to the nonprofit sector

3. State-of-the-art tools in this rapidly-evolving arena.

OAI has researched and deploys many different technology solutions to help our clients to raise more money and build more sustainable and enduring relationships with their donors. Some of the technology solutions that we have either already deployed, or are currently investigating to test their applicability to our clients, are shown in our Tech Tool Kit


Children’s Law Center

CLC retained OAI to provide a high-level development assessment and fundraising assistance. 

Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities

"We've worked with OAI for many years now, and the longevity of our partnership is no accident.  They consistently provide a level of effort and excellence that, year after year, yields outstanding events."  -Mark Donovan, Vice Chairman, Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities