Services: Nonprofit Management

OAI’s Nonprofit Management department provides a comprehensive array of services that enables clients to reduce staff and overhead, devise better fundraising strategies and focus on achieving the core goals of the organization. 

Our Services Include:

  • Leadership and Governance Solutions
  • Back-Office Solutions
    • 501(c)3 creation
    • Finance, accounting (990s, 1023s), audit support, accounts payable, and cash management
    • Grant making services  (application processing, due diligence, payment, oversight, and reporting)
    • Human Resources , payroll , and benefits administration
    • Acknowledgements, regulatory filings, and grantor compliance
    • Professional fundraising compliance
    • Board management, corporate secretary, legal, and insurance
    • Strategic planning
    • Public relations, annual reports, website management, and communications
    • Mergers and dissolutions
  • Front-Office Solutions
    • Office space management
    • Donor database solutions
    • Information technology
    • General correspondence management
    • General vendor management

Our experienced and dedicated nonprofit management experts help leaders achieve better results, capitalize on past investments, and create effective programs.

Nonprofit Management Clients: