Services: Strategy

A well-developed plan is critical for a nonprofit to achieve its programmatic goals and execute its mission.  It is responsive to the external environment, inclusive of internal and external stakeholder input, and leverages an organization’s strengths in pursuit of new opportunities.

Organizational and revenue planning benefits include:

  • Gauging internal and external perceptions of the organization;
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in fundraising and/or organizational management practices;
  • Identifying and putting in place plans to pursue resources needed to support organizational goals; 
  • Aligning stakeholders (board, management, program staff, donors, etc.) around goals and plans to achieve them; and
  • Building of leadership and financial resources needed to ensure successful execution of strategic priorities.

OAI’s approach to planning is unique because we have an eye toward implementation, and are frequently asked to partner with organizations to execute on the plans. Our plans are not developed in isolation, but are fully integrated and aligned with programs, operations, and all revenue streams.  This ensures clients not only have strategic direction but have the resources to execute successfully.

We have built custom strategies for hundreds of nonprofits in the areas of: