About OAI: How We Work

OAI believes that any successful relationship is built on trust, communication and understanding.  At the beginning of our client engagements, we take the time to learn about the unique challenges, successes, goals and dreams of the organization.

We then create a customized proposal that clearly outlines our strategy for approaching an organization’s specific needs.  Our fees are based off of the estimated allocation of each team member’s time dedicated to the necessary scope of work for the project.

Once hired, we work as partners with our clients to achieve the goals set out in the proposal. Each client is assigned an OAI team made up of a principal, senior leadership and qualified team members.

The OAI client management process is detailed below.

Children’s Law Center

CLC retained OAI to provide a high-level development assessment and fundraising assistance. 

Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities

"We've worked with OAI for many years now, and the longevity of our partnership is no accident.  They consistently provide a level of effort and excellence that, year after year, yields outstanding events."  -Mark Donovan, Vice Chairman, Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities